Take back our town

Short-term rentals are the root cause of Ketchum's housing crisis

Our GoalS

Reduce the number of non-owner occupied short-term rentals (STRs)

Raise taxes on non-owner occupied STRs

Institute a limit like Sandpoint Idaho on non-owner occupied STRs

Why are Short-term rentals a problem?

Short-term rentals take up housing stock

  • over 1000 units are actively rented in Ketchum and Sun Valley on Airbnb and VRBO according to AirDNA

  • 434 of these units are rented year-round

  • 434 units are removed from the long-term rental market and raise prices on other long-term rentals

  • City of Ketchum believes there are actually 900 units in Ketchum alone

Map of active short-term rentals in Ketchum, October 2021 from AirDNA

Local housing share has drastically decreased, seasonal units have exploded

  • From 2000 to 2018:

    • Total number of housing units increased from 2900 to 3600

    • Renter occupied units decreased from 703 units to 428

    • Owner occupied units decreased from 879 units to 785

Sun Valley Economic Development: Ketchum profile

Short-term rentals drive up property and rental prices

  • Short-term rentals have increased rents and housing prices according to studies in Ketchum

  • Other cities have seen similar effects (1, 2, 3),

  • Cities like Sandpoint, Idaho have fought back:

    • Limits on the number of STRs, 35 allowed in city residential zones

    • Different rules when hosts are primary residents of the unit

Zillow home value index for Ketchum. October 2021

Short-term rentals aren't taxed nearly enough

  • Ketchum taxes STRs at only 4%. This is lower than Sandpoint and McCall and equal to Hailey

  • The median return on STRs is $3,500 a month according to AirDNA

Note: Depicts taxes collected by the city, excluding Idaho State Sales Tax of 6% and 2% percent lodging tax.

Ketchum needs more oversight

  • City of Ketchum was unable to answer:

    • How many STR businesses are registered with the City?

    • How many units do these businesses have?

    • How much tax revenue does the City collect from STRs?

  • Ketchum has the authority to get these answers, but they need to start by asking the questions

Ketchum residents overwhelmingly agree

  • City of Ketchum survey on affordable housing solution finds overwhelming support (81%) for raising Lot tax on short-term rentals

Ketchum City Council Survey

What are the solutions?

Drastically increase the tax on short term rentals

Limit number of non-owner occupied short-term rentals

Sandpoint, ID has instituted a hard limit of 35 short-term rentals

What Can i do?

Vote for change!

November 2nd

Local elections for Ketchum Mayor and City Council

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